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Smart Robo Vacuum

White(No Mopping)
Blue(With Mopping)
Plug Type

The Smart Robo Vacuum attacks everything from small particles to large debris.

  • Vacuum, Sweep, Mop in one time: It has unique three cleaning patterns; vacuuming with its side brushes and suction mouth. Sweeping and mopping with gravity-driven water tank, stains and grimes will be wiped off immediately. 
  • Smart Navigation: It seamlessly navigates your home, keeping track of where it been and where it has yet to clean. 
  • Gravity-driven water tank: Its microfiber mop is designed to constantly water from 4 inflow points. 
  • Smart Identity Floor Surfaces: The two wheels adapt its height to keep the suction mouth in close contact with different floor surfaces such as hardwood, tiles, and carpets.