Modrntools Smart Fridge Preserver

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Keep all your food fresh and clean with the Modrntools Smart Fridge Preserver. 

The Modrntools Fride Preserver will air clean your refrigerator with a herbaceous filter which eradicates odors, while sterilizing and reducing the risk of spoilage. The sterilization rate of the Preserver is up to 99.9%.

● Sterilize: releases bactericidal enzyme automatically and diffuses 
● Eradicates odors and maintains the aromas of foods
● Easy and seamless installation - just add to the corner of refrigerator to save storage space
● Filter could clean air for space 80 - 100L
● Don't allow it to contact with food
● Don't block the vent at the back of filter
● Replace once a year
- Slim S2 aluminum alloy housing body with pen shape design, easy to use.
- Ultra precision flexible circuit design, ensure long life time.
- with Lithium-ion Battery can work 8 hours continuously.
- Continuous no-load for 2 hours, and endurance for 180 days.
- With 3 LED Shadowless light, more convenient to do the repairing job.
- Equipped with magnetic board, holding the screws taken off from the repairing items, no screws lost
- Automatic and Manual operation design, ensure hight working efficiency
- Screwing, Drilling and Threading multi-function, meeting your different work demands
- A great Helper for your daily repairing projects
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